Deal Team Accounting Experts

It’s simple. Investment bankers and M&A attorneys refer their clients to Buxbaum to improve the chances of successful transactions. Our involvement means your company will withstand the most scrupulous buyer due diligence. This reduces the risks of price adjustments, a stalled transaction or a failed deal due to a cloud over the credibility of the accounting function and financial reporting.

Buxbaum M&A Solutions

Getting the deal done.

Maximize Adjusted EBITDA

We scrub the financials to find all credible add-backs to EBITDA, leading to the highest valuation for your company. Our data book deliverable is the basis for buyers’ own diligence.

Financial Statements and Projections

We ensure the historical financial statements and required projections are GAAP-compliant and will withstand the highest level of scrutiny. We are experts in cleaning up and getting in the weeds of financial reporting.

Audit Prep and Management

We provide additional bandwidth and audit expertise to ensure the timely, cost-effective completion of your audited financials.

Offering Memorandum Support

In collaboration with your investment banker, we create essential, properly-formatted financial data for your offering memorandum.

Accounting Systems Integrity

To prepare for buyer due diligence, we assess the robustness of accounting systems, processes and procedures, and assist with necessary upgrades.

Gatekeeper to Due Diligence Process

We serve as gatekeeper of the financials during buyer due diligence, so information is consistently and accurately communicated.

Working Capital Calculation/Defense

We play a pivotal role in negotiating the working capital peg, calculating the resulting final working capital amount, and defending the numbers as necessary.

Post-Transaction Transition

After the deal closes, we often remain involved to facilitate a smooth transition.

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  • “Quite simply, our recent transaction would not have closed as successfully as it did without the support of Buxbaum HCS and its exceptional interim CFO.  Buxbaum recruits top-notch individuals and, more importantly, carefully matches talent to open assignments.”
    - Mike Buxton, President, Press Forge
  • “When a client needs to get its financial house in order to undertake a successful sale or financing, Buxbaum HCS is the only way to go.  They are smart, quickly and cost-effectively filling the gaps so my client can accomplish its goals.”
    –Larry Braun, Partner, SheppardMullin
  • “I use Buxbaum HCS for two reasons. First, I trust Jimmy Buxbaum. Other providers of interim CFOs claim they offer a high touch level of service, but Buxbaum actually delivers that service. Second, they are very strong at prepping companies for transactions and seeing it through to closing.”
    -Nishen Radia, Managing Partner, Focal Point
  • “Buxbaum HCS consistently has provided Stratasys with high caliber financial personnel during times of critical need. Buxbaum’s transaction support team provided the necessary accounting expertise and resources to help facilitate our company’s sale and post-sale transition.”
    - Joe Allison, CEO, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing