Interim Accounting Talent

A lack of experience in your accounting department can compromise business success.  Whether you have a special project, your team has fallen behind, or you need a position filled on an interim basis, a Buxbaum CFO or controller will get the job done while elevating the overall performance of your accounting department.

Our exceptional recruiters don’t make placements based on resumes. We hand-pick accounting professionals based on their technical and industry experience, achievements and intelligence. More importantly, we will assess your corporate culture to make sure our CFO or controller will fit in with the rest of your team, in addition to resolving your accounting needs.

Buxbaum Interim Solutions

The right talent…right when you need them.

Unexpected Vacancy

Surprises happen. When the unexpected arises, we will have a CFO or Controller who is experienced in your industry and compatible with your culture on-site immediately. Your company won’t miss a beat.

Financial Modeling

Having the tools to assess future performance is just as important as accounting for historical performance. We build the dynamic models and projections you need to effectively run your company.

Upgrade Financial Reporting

Our CFOs and Controllers apply their industry-specific experience to create metric-driven financial reporting packages, custom-tailored to your way of doing business.


Post-Transaction Integration

Private equity sponsors routinely bring us in to properly integrate the accounting function of a new investment into their portfolio.

ERP Implementation

To ensure your ERP implementation doesn’t turn into a nightmare, you need experts. Our team of ERP-experienced professionals will provide hands-on management from start to finish, resulting in a seamless transition to your new system.

Upgrade Talent

If your accounting department isn’t keeping pace with your company’s growth, it may be time to upgrade. We can rapidly fill any senior-level accounting position with more capable talent who you can “try before you buy.”

To interview 2-3 qualified, available accounting professionals, call (424) 279-4799 or fill out the Contact form.  After our thorough intake meeting, one of accounting experts will be on-site immediately.


  • “Buxbaum HCS’s allows our work to be done more efficiently. At our suggestion, our clients have used Buxbaum HCS for the following services: interim CFO; assisting staff members in the finance department with bringing the books into shape for an audit or review; and, providing technical support in isolated accounting areas. We, along with our clients, have found the Buxbaum HCS team to be highly qualified and efficient with the services provided.”
    -Jay Mangel, Managing Partner, Crowe Horwath
  • “I use Buxbaum HCS for two reasons. First, I trust Jimmy Buxbaum. Other providers of interim CFOs claim they offer a high touch level of service, but Buxbaum actually delivers that service. Second, they are very strong at prepping companies for transactions and seeing it through to closing.”
    -Nishen Radia, Managing Partner, Focal Point
  • “I have had great experiences with Buxbaum HCS and its talent. We have hired Buxbaum for interim solutions when we were strapped for manpower or needed help with forensic accounting.  Buxbaum’s interim CFO turned around a challenging situation, and its forensic accountant identified hundreds of thousands of dollars that had been taken from the subject company.”
    - Glenn Corey, CFO, JH Capital Group
  • “Jimmy Buxbaum and his team provide unparalleled customer service, accommodating on both professional and personal levels.  They invested themselves to understand our company’s unique characteristics in order to find a part-time CFO who would meet our needs and requirements.  I highly recommend Buxbaum HCS.”
    - Aquilina Hutton, President, AMRO
  • “Buxbaum HCS really paid attention to me and listened carefully to my requests regarding an interim controller.  They provided the highest quality candidates I’ve ever encountered, and our interim controller is one of the best people I’ve ever worked with.”
    - Esther Newman, VP Human Resources, SusieCakes